Our Story


Working with content planning in a digital landscape can be complex and overwhelming. With new platforms emerging all the time and campaigns being planned to the different platforms you can quickly lose track of your content planning. We know that all too well! This is why DYCE was developed.

Developed by marketers

In 2014, two colleagues working at a creative agency created the idea of what became DYCE. They got frustrated when managing the content. Everything was planned in Excel, and Excel might be great for many things, but content planning isn’t one of them. The excel sheet would be sent back and forth between agency, clients, creatives and whoever had an influence on the content planning. Often this resulted in 10 different versions, which in the end was difficult to manage, and led to mistakes and errors. Then came Google Spread Sheet, which made the process a little better, at least now everyone could work in the same sheet. However, we were still missing an overall dashboard to display all of the platforms and the timing of the campaigns. In addition, the sharing of content was still a struggle: old WeTransfer links that were no longer active, Dropbox links that weren’t updated, internal security settings and internal servers where not everybody has access. Not a smooth process.

Moreover, since many channels often are in play when making a content plan, content was being versioned to several channels each time, making it hard to keep track of the timing for each platform, and at the same time make sure the right content was used on the right channel. Therefore, in 2015 the first beta version of DYCE was launched. DYCE was developed to make content planning and content collaboration smooth and simple for both clients and agencies. We wanted to create one hub where you can create, plan, and execute all of your marketing content despite which or how many platforms or campaigns you are having, and involve all the relevant people in the planning.

From Beta to Marketing Hub

We started out with a beta version, which Copenhagen Airport, as well as a few smaller customers, tried out. After our beta launch, it quickly became clear to us how great the need was. This resulted in more clients eager to try DYCE. One of these clients were Coca-Cola Company, they needed DYCE to help them in their Nordic coordination and planning across their brands.
Today, DYCE is not just two web developers in a basement – we have a dedicated development team, controlled by the digital production house Rainbowriders , to secure a structured approach to our product development.
DYCE works as a marketing hub and is the foundation for many of the world’s most fashionable brands. They use it across markets, brands, and stakeholders. Meet the entire DYCE team.

What’s next?

We are constantly listening to our users’ needs and feedback, which is why all of our updates on the platform is made to make our users’ everyday life a little easier. In our pipeline for 2019, there is a lot of micro-optimization, as well as three great features. The three great features include:

Mobile Experience

Until now, DYCE has focused on creating a good desktop experience for the users. However, since we are all becoming more mobile and our work is happening more and more on our mobile devices, we are currently developing the perfect mobile experience.

Tasks & Reminders

Planning in Dyce is simple, and with Tasks and Reminders it becomes even easier to stay on top of your planning. With Tasks and Reminders, you can easily convert posts to tasks and set reminders. Never miss a deadline again!

Upload from Dropbox, Google Drive,
and Box.com

Work seemlessly across services. Dyce now opens up for integrating your Dropbox, Google Drive, or Box.com. This enables you to upload assets directly from your favourite cloud-service. It has never been easier to create high-quality content.