How DYCE can help

For Agencies

Sometimes content planning can be a bit of a hassle when managing many clients withvarious marketing activities across channels. DYCE helps you overcome this issue, as you can display all of your clients’ marketing activities in one platform.

Organize everything in one place

DYCE makes it simple for you to manage all your clients content, as you will be able to see all your planned marketing activities in one single place. Here you are able to get an overview of the timing of your clients planned marketing activities across various platforms. In DYCE, you can sort by clients, campaigns, platform and status, so you only see the information relevant to you. In that way, you are always on top of things and can make sure that the right content is live on the right platform at the right time.

Stronger collaboration with your clients

In DYCE, you can add content directly to the content calendar, which means that everyone added to the team, can comment, reschedule or edit the content directly in the dashboard. This means that you get rid of sending e-mails and content excel sheets back and forth between you and your clients. Even better is that all changes made to a piece of content are tracked in a revision log, so you always can go back and see who made what changes.When content is ready for approval you simply notify your client in DYCE, and they will receive a notification that they need to take action. Now they can either give feedback or approve the content. This is content planning made simple.