5 Ways to Optimize Your Content Strategy

Anne Thomsen
Content Lead

You already have a great content strategy which you’ve been using for a long time. Either if it has great or mediocre outcome you can find helpful input to improve what you already do in this blog post.

Perhaps you struggle to get new ideas or simply stick to the existing content strategy.

1. Board meetings are good for you

Board meeting is a first. If you don’t already do board meetings and but seeing/experiencing the value of having people from outside talking to you and with you about your company and brand.
You don’t necessarily have to establish a board deck – call it whatever. But the idea of gathering different people is interesting to look into.

Assembling a board is easier said than done. Or is it? Asking influential, skilled people to use time on your brand sounds like a big deal. Make sure they get something in advance – networking, new insights, professional inputs. Not necessarily money, stocks or the like. Think about it: what are you capable of giving to these people in advance for their opinion and professionalism?

Board meetings are a great opportunity to make other people give you an overview of your company. They have interest in the brand and want it to be successful. To set up a board meeting consider the following:

  • Do not waste anyone’s time. Be well-prepared – always
  • Share an agenda of the board meeting on forehand to let them know which topics the meeting will focus on
  • Accuracy: know more or less how long time the sessions will take
  • Make sure you get the most out if it. Show interest in your board members
  • Your board member knows a lot – show curiosity
  • Be open towards criticism and new ideas

In terms of content you want to know how your board members perceive it and think of it. Perhaps they don’t know much about social media or SEO but still their opinion counts.

2. Brainstorm

There is nothing like a short (or long) brainstorm session once in a while.

  • Determine a problem your audience is facing
  • Brainstorm on specific content ideas

You sell package tours to South America and experience that backpackers struggle to pack light while traveling for 3-12 months. Most of them simply do not know how to.
Brainstorm on ideas to express this issue through your content. Is it blogposts or content for social? Both? How would it look like? Should it be engaging or focus on informing the user?

Remember: always have your existing strategy in mind. Even though you’re talking about something ‘new’ the content has to be in line with everything else you send out. Also, know that you might need to have 100 ideas in order to have a great one.

In coherence to point 1, you might want to share your final content with the board members to have their inputs before publishing.

3. Stay relevant and do your best

Read the newspaper, listen to podcasts, go to events, sign up for newsletters with interesting information to stay on top of anything happening in the business right now. The more you know the more likely you’ll be able to make relevant content. With relevance comes insights in the audience too. From your former work with the content strategy you know what they likes but it tends to change over time and you’ll need to put yourself in their shoes. Usually, for FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) brands there is a lot of competition and someone to take a bit of your market share any time. You snooze you lose.

4. Sharing is caring

Or… Sharing is necessary. Are you working on a big film production for social media or a great blog post. You’re dreaming wild and widely about organic reach and how your content will just do it for you. Spoiler: it won’t! What you can do in terms of boosting content organically is to prepare a list of people you’d like to share it. When the content is published, send a small press release to the people on your list to let them know that it’s out (and they are among the first ones to get their eyes on it – people looove to be first movers). Do not expect them to share your content but increase your chances that they read it, like it and want to share and tell people about it. The one who dares wins and personal relations are not to be underestimated.

5. Quality over quantity

Last but not least. Always. It is better to make one great piece of content with everything aligned in terms of audience, KPI, design guidelines etc. than 5 mediocre posts. Worst case, it will make the users will spend less time with you and create a negative buzz around you.