Content Management – Ensure a Consistent Story

Anne Thomsen
Content Lead

Creating a Story

Your strategy has been fine-tuned and is now ready to launch. But how do you ensure a consistent story? How do you make sure all content is delivered in time? Read on. A movie is typically packed with different characters – all with different motives and goals. But together they create a carefully considered and recognizable story. Just like movie characters, each piece of content has a purpose. Nevertheless, together each piece should also be accurately composed and planned to ensure a complete story in the end. When planning the story, it is crucial that your strategy shines from every piece – but with many platforms this consistency may turn out to be complicated. You may experience different deadlines and varying criteria regarding text and visual material depending on the platform for the specific content. Regardless of the inconvenience these requirements may imply, alignment and a thought through story is essential for a great content plan.

Content management

The easiest way to assure alignment is simply by planning. Planning lets you get an overview of your content, and is a great way to assure that all content contributes to a consistent story. Furthermore, good content planning ensures:

  • Content is published in a steady, continuous flow
  • You never miss a deadline
  • All involved are ahead of the production
  • Work tasks is clear
  • Content sticks to the strategy

We recommend using DYCE as a helpful content management tool. DYCE makes it easy for you to organize your marketing content. You can add text, images or video to any number of platforms on a specific date. You can mark a post under a campaign or tag of your choice, and it will immediately be visible to everyone you work with. In addition DYCE is useful both when working internally or for clients.

Copenhagen Airport example

Let’s look at an actual example to demonstrate when thorough content planning really is a necessity and how DYCE can help make it easier:
Copenhagen Airport is a large and complex organization. They have 10 departments, multiple business units and a handful of creative agencies that all have distinct roles, communicate on different channels and have different stories to tell. As you can imagine, it requires an big amount of coordination and tons of e-mails back and forth to achieve aligned and focused marketing – Which often leads everyday errors, miscommunication and time that could be better spend elsewhere.

How Copenhagen Airport use DYCE in their content management

With DYCE, Copenhagen Airport’s creative agencies plan and schedule content to all the different channels on one single platform. As Copenhagen Airport can gather all content on one platform, it gives them a great overview of their content. In addition, the involved agencies can make sure their planned content does not clash. Copenhagen Airport also has many overlapping campaigns, sub-brands, generic posts etc. which can be difficult to distinguish from one another. With DYCE, all posts are now marked in different colors according to the various campaigns. By doing so, both content-and marketing managers can get a quick overview of the planned content. Furthermore, Copenhagen Airport can give feedback directly in DYCE and can always track activities and changes in the log. This saves Copenhagen Airport and their involved partners from a lot of time searching for previous changes and going through countless excel sheets and e-mails.

Basically, DYCE gives the Airport full control and an excessive overview of their content from all units and on all their platforms. This saves them time and most importantly ensures that their content creates a complete eloquent story.