Frequency of Content

Digital Marketing Manager

Connecting With Your Audience

When composing content in DYCE, we often experience users filling in their content plan from top to bottom with everything they can possibly think of – the more the merrier, right? But good content is more than quantity. Your brand must connect with your audience and to make sure that no one is pushed away or lost down the road – it’s about finding the perfect balance between listening and sharing. But, when does sharing become excessive? There is not one unilateral answer. The frequency is most importantly dependent on the chosen strategy. It should always be the strategy which determines which platforms to execute on, and naturally the prerequisites on different platforms variate notably. On some channels it is easier and almost mandatory to post often – this includes many social platforms. The following will dive into sharing on social media.

Sharing on Social Media

Persistently and constantly publishing new elements on your social platforms is not necessarily an advantage either. Imagine your potential customers or followers as your friends. You wouldn’t want to irritate your friends by constantly charging them with information about yourself, or by calling their phone 12 times a day
– unless ofcourse it’s super relevant to your friends.


You probably want to know, how often you’re “allowed” to disturb your friends then. Sadly, there is no rule for the frequency of content. Neither is there a one size fits all solution. It is always a good idea to experiment and monitor how your audience reacts and following adapting your post frequency accordingly.

Many tend to think there are rules for the posting-frequency on platforms – often our observations show that people tend to consider it more acceptable to post every day on Instagram than on Facebook. But posting more than once on Instagram is not cool either, here users instead turn to Snapchat.

Focus on Your Content and Target Audience

Even though we see tendencies, it’s important always to consider how it makes sense in correlation to your strategy. When deciding the frequency you should think about your content and your target audience. Generally we endorse quality content – as the sender of a message, you should consider the content’s substance and purpose: Do your friends actually want to know this? Does the content contribute with a new or an interesting angle? Will it bring value to your target group? If you can answer yes to these, then share it! If not, then don’t.

At the end of the day your publishing frequency should also be coherent with the relation your brand has with it’s target audience. If your friends like spending time with you, they will undoubtedly also wish for more time with you – the exact same applies for content that creates value for your followers. We recommend you to assess the level of frequency, try it, and see how your audience reacts. You can vary between the frequency and measure, how, or if, the amount or kinds of reactions change. It may require a large portion of patience and a mix of in-depth research, skills and testing, but knowing your audience and producing the right amount of content to satisfy them, will certainly benefit your final result.