Set Goals for Your Content Strategy

Petar Yovkov

Many companies produce and publish content to create visibility in the market. However, have you ever thought about what you wish to accomplish with your content? Do you know what the outcome should be?
Without a clear content goal, there is a great chance that it will do very little for your brand.
Thus, you must set goals. In addition, goals will let you tailor your content strategy to meet the objectives. This will further give you a direction as to what type of content to produce.
In the following, we will highlight four different goals you can set for your content pieces.

1. Position your brand as a thought leader

A content goal can be to become a thought leader in your industry. As such, you need to address this in your content strategy. Thought leadership shows your target audience that you do not only sell your products but that you also live by them and position the brand in everything you do. Red Bull is perhaps one of the oldest and more recent examples of how-to story doing.
This builds trust in your brand.
It creates value for your customers.
And, it will ensure long-term customer relationships.
In order to position your brand as a thought leader, your content strategy should focus on more long-form content. This can be guides, e-books, blog posts and podcasts. Most importantly, your content pieces should be valuable to your audience. The readers should receive actionable advices that they cannot get anywhere else.
As a side note, long-form content usually ranks higher in the search engines. This will give you more views, and thus making it a worthwhile effort on all fronts.

2. Increase your brand awareness

Brand awareness is how it all starts. If potential customers do not know who you are, you will not make any sales. If your content goal is to increase brand awareness, you must concentrate your efforts on outreach and push media.
Social media platforms are a great way to generate brand awareness. Content has the possibility to go viral, which in return will generate high visibility and recognition. Furthermore, social media platforms allow you to connect with your target audience. This give you a unique position to communicate directly what your brand is all about.
Another great content outlet is guest posting. Guest posting is the new “word-of-mouth”. By having relevant publications talking about you, your target audience will take notice. Make sure your content focuses on solving a real problem, and that your brand is the best solution.
To increase brand awareness you must establish trust with your target audience. Thus, your content should be tailored accordingly.

3. Drive traffic to your website

When you invest time in producing great and valuable content, you want your target audience to read the content. However, how do you get them to your website? If your primary goal is to drive traffic, you must focus on outreach, social media platforms and SEO. Otherwise, you will not be able to push your content in front of your audience.
Thus, your content strategy should be comprehensive and incorporate all aspects of content creation. This also means to update your content on a regular basis, which you can link to from social media posts, newsletter and guests posts.
Furthermore, use targeted keywords in your content, so you have good rankings in search engines. This will make your content available to users who are searching for exactly what you are offering.

4. Generate leads and convert them

Traffic is great, but if your content does not generate leads, your content marketing ROI will be negative.
Therefore, start by figuring out the purpose of your website and your primary goal. Your content should reflect this. More importantly, your website should be appealing to those who you have defined as a qualified lead.

Are you ready for a small task?

Take a good look at your website.

Does it suit your brand?

Do you communicate what actions you want to be taken?

Does it give a good user experience?

If you cannot say yes to the above questions, you have the answer to as why your audience is not converting. Is the goal to convert leads; you must tailor your content strategy to hook up your existing leads and customer base. You can use e-mails and social media to push content that is pertinent and valuable to your audience. This will pull them back to your brand.

Ready to set a content goal?

By having one or two clear content goals, you will be able to position your brand more efficiently. In addition, you will see a better ROI from the content you have invested time in producing.
As a result:

  • If your goal is thought leadership, focus on long-form content
  • Is your goal to increase brand awareness, focus on social media and guest posting
  • If you want to drive more traffic to your website, focus on all content channels
  • If the goal is to generate and convert leads, focus on your website, newsletter and social media

Your goal(s) may change over time. Thus, it is important to reassess what you have done, what worked out well, and if the strategy is still aligned with your brand.