What is Campaign Planning?

Anne Thomsen
Content Lead

What is campaign planning?

Campaign planning is crucial for businesses in order to achieve the desired outcome from a campaign. By making an integrated plan, you will identify important channels and touchpoints relevant for reaching the desired audience for the specific campaign you wish to launch.

How do you structure an effective campaign plan?

Most businesses often have an overall marketing strategy. While the marketing strategy is your business’ overall marketing activities and goals, the campaign plan is often a part of this plan. The campaign plan is often for a shorter period and the goals and KPI’s can vary from one campaign to another. While the marketing strategy probably, consist of several channels and messages, the campaign plan only include the relevant media and channels for the specific campaign you are planning.

Before you launch a campaign there are several things to consider. A good campaign is more than just advertising, it requires thorough research and consideration in order to succeed. In order to structure your campaign and securing the best campaign outcome we recommend you consider the seven steps stated below.

Campaign planning process – 7 steps to create a successful campaign

Let’s go through the seven steps you need to consider when planning a campaign:

1. Clear goals and KPI’s
Why are you launching this campaign? What are the goals and KPI’s you are trying to achieve, and how will you measure if the campaign has been a success? The goals needs to be specific and actionable in order to measure it

2. Insights and audience
Who is the target audience for this specific campaign? What are their characteristics and behavior? Knowing who your audience is helps you to speak more directly to them on the right channel, at the right time.

3. Strategy for tactics and actions
How do you position your company, products or services? How is the tone of voice? What is the key message in this campaign?

4. Budget and media selection
Which media channels should you use in order to reach and influent the desired audience? How can the channels create synergies to each other? How much budget should be allocated to the different media channel in order to gain the best performance?

5. Content production
When knowing exactly which media channels you are using in your campaign, you can start producing the content according to the best practice for each specific channel

6. Execution
How should you time the different media channels and assets in order to create the most optimal campaign? Will you do some A/B testing during the campaign period?

7. Evaluation
Now that your awesome campaign has ended, you need to evaluate if you have reached your goals and KPI’s. Which things was a success and which wasn’t? This knowledge is valuable when you are creating your next campaign plan

Whether the campaign is complex with multiple media and messages or simple with only one message at one channel, it can be very useful to have one place where you can get an overview of all of your campaign activities. Since you will produce many different campaign plans during a year, it can be difficult to keep track of the different campaigns, channels, content and timing. Here a content calendar can be of great help in order to have a total overview of flow and timing. For more information read our blog post about the use of a content calendar.