The dashboard gives you an easy overview of all your planned content across campaigns and platforms. Content is defined by a title and a campaign color, but by hovering over a piece of content you get a more detailed view.

Dyce dashboard
Timeline view


The timeline-view shows you a monthly and quarterly overview of your activities. It lets you zoom in and out while remaining on top of everything. You have all the same features as on the dashboard to hover content for more details, dragNdrop to rearrange and much more.


When you create content, it’s called a post. You can easily adjust any post to your specific need. Wether it’s a TV commercial or a tweet. When creating a post you link it to one of your campaigns and platforms. You can also select where in the work process your post is – Is it still in draft or maybe waiting final approval?

All assets you upload to a post is storaged and can easily be downloaded again when needed. You can add “watchers” to your post, so they receive notifications everytime something relevant is happening in the post.

a dyce post


The comment feature is located under each post. This is where all post related communication take place. By doing so the dialogue is moved away from crowded mail boxes to where its relevant.

In each post you can also find a revision log that keeps track on the development of your post – from draft to approved without anything getting lost in the way.


DYCE makes it easy to manage all your campaigns across platforms. Each campaign is marked with a color code to make it easy recognizable in the content calendar. In the campaigns section you can find all the details needed – everything from briefing documents til number posts.

Dyce platforms


You can add as many platforms as you like. You can select from our platform library or make custom platforms that fits your organization.  Everything from TV, Outdoor, newsletters and SoMe to your custom platforms. When adding a new platform it will be shown in the content calendar as a part of your content planning matrix – all campaigns on all platforms visible for everyone.

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