Pricing and plans

How much does DYCE cost? We offer a 30-day trial period so you can experience all the timesaving features for yourself and everyone working with you. When the trial period has ended and you can’t live without it, we have one plan for all. Because at DYCE we believe that, all users should have equal access to all features.

35€ per user/mo.

DYCE welcomes all people. With one plan you only pay for what you need, you can add the people relevant for your business, whether this is 5 or 50 users. If you later figure out not all users connected to your account needs to be involved anyway, you can easily remove them from the account without any problems. However, if you come to love DYCE and can’t live without it, you can also choose to sign up for our annual billing and save 5€ per user each month!

The subscription includes:

All features
• Unlimited campaigns
• Unlimited platforms
• Unlimited teams
• Unlimited storage space
• Dedicated support

If you wish to be billed annually you even save 5€ per user/mo.

Get started now with your free trial – no credit card required